[Almost Free] Southern Tour Dates + Brooklyn Bowl

MAY 01 — Checkpoint Charlie’s [New Orleans, LA]* — Free [early show 4pm]
MAY 05 — Marlin’s [Hattiesburg, MS]* — $1 Admission
MAY 06 — Egan’s [Tuscaloosa, AL]* — Free
MAY 07 — The Roof of The Georgia Theatre [Athens, GA]* — Free
MAY 09 — Electric Maid [Washington, DC]** — Admission at Door Only
MAY 20 — Brooklyn Bowl [Brooklyn, NY]*** — Tickets On Sale

* indicates two-set shows
** = w/ The Nuclears
*** = w/ Dances


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[UPDATE] A Letter From Cherch

Greetings all,

Cherch here with a spot of news to drop.

As of last week we were ready to release another batch of tour dates for our spring run and   [believe you me, there is nothing we love as much as traveling to your cities and putting on rock and roll shows] around Thursday we were approached with some news that called for the immediate recalling of a few weeks of scheduling and reformation of our current routing.

Now, everyone is fine and in great health.  All is well.  Its just that sometimes [in life], there are personal matters that need to be taken care of and as decent humans we happily grant those courtesies.  We’re doing exactly that.

What that means, is that we can’t come at you for a fair amount of these shows as the Dollars.

What this means is, though we can’t all come at you: I will.

I understand that I’ve never done a publicized tour without my dudes [who knows...maybe a few will pop up along the way] and that some of the venues aren’t exactly stoked on handing a bill from a somewhat more-established act to one of its members but some of them have been pretty cool, retained the contracts and I intend on honoring as many as possible.  Also…these shows will still be awesome.

Now…onto the next thing –> The Bottom Dollars are not canceling every tour date and we will be at SXSW.

There are a few we can absolutely make it to and more that were in the confirmation stages that we can still honor over the next few months.


The following Dollars engagements are still on…

FEB 27  Beachland Ballroom & Tavern [Cleveland, OH]

FEB 28  Emporium Arcade [Chicago, IL]

MAR 19  SXSW — The Aquarium on 6th [Austin, TX]

MAR 21  SXSW — Stay Gold [Austin, TX]

MAY 1  Checkpoint Charlie’s **Three Sets** [New Orleans, LA]

MAY 5  Marlins **Two Sets** [Hattiesburg, MA]

MAY 6  Egan’s **Two Sets** [Tuscaloosa, AL]

MAY 7 Georgia Theatre **Two Sets** [Athens, GA]

MAY 9 Electric Maid [Washington, DC]

MAY 20 Brooklyn Bowl [Brooklyn, NY]


It’ll be sick.  Don’t worry.  See you out there!


Brian “Cherch” Cherchiglia

The Bottom Dollars



by Steven Klett

The Bottom Dollars brought their best game to Bowery Ballroom on Friday night for two sets that included covers, guest guitarists, singers, and even an LED hula hooper. It’s rare these days to see a rock band whose music is self-consciously well-informed of their musical choices, but this isn’t another indie rock band from Brooklyn. This is a rock and roll band whose reverence for classics like The Clash and The Band made their concert an appealing fusion of garage and punk tropes playing off whiskey drenched southern rock licks…

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