The Halcyon Days [LP]

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Cherch here with a brief update on the ole state of the union.  Both Berg and I have moved from Brooklyn to Los Angeles and it’s with a heavy heart that we drop the long overdue news that Chris has decided to leave the Dollars and Sean has decided to stay in Brooklyn to pursue other projects (such as NO ICE, whom we fucking adore).  First and foremost, I’d like to thank these dudes personally for helping us get to a point where we could relocate and not lose any traction or progress.  They’re our brothers in art and we’ll always love them, shit…we’ve done like 75,000 miles of touring together.  That doesn’t wash off.

I’d also like to extend a tremendous amount of gratitude to New York City for what I strongly consider to be my best years; literal halcyon days.  New York (Brooklyn, number one!) has the most vibrant and inspiring artistic community in the world and I am so beyond grateful to have been a part of it for so long. I cannot wait to continue our collaboration, NYC…we have much more to accomplish and create together.

Secondly, I’d like to drop another nugget of information.  We’ll be ending distribution on our John Siket produced debut LP, Meet Me In Cognito in a few weeks and re-releasing some content from that album (along with our other early releases) in the form of a Compilation LP encapsulating our first five years as a band entitled: The Halcyon Days [LP] which is slated for full digital distribution (Spotify, Apple Music, the one Jay-Z owns, also Zoidberg).  For those who want to continue to listen to that album, I’d grab a copy of that record sooner rather than later.

All of our previous releases will still be available on our BandCamp Page, but they won’t be in circulation.  Streaming only.

Why?  Well, remember that second LP we’ve been working on with Ayad Al-Adhamy?  Its getting closer to being ready.  Its not ready, but we’re gearing up for the release of that record over the next calendar year and it sounds drastically different than our previous releases…so, we’re preparing to move forward and present the work on a platform where it can flourish.

Track listing for The Halcyon Days [LP] to be added soon.

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We’re glad to report that we’ve completed the basics and overdubs on our new LP and the project is now in the mixing stages.

We recorded the whole thing in-studio with Ayad Al-Adhamy (Team Spirit, Passion Pit, Black Bell Records) at his studio Little Room NYC up in Greenpoint and the project is fantastic.  Its a very different record than our previous endeavors, but in a good way.  For example, I rip a slide solo with a PuffCo vaporizer pen.  Not sure if it was Berg’s or Ayad’s…but it was the one on the chair…I digress.

This is a very large record.  Its long.  It has a bit of story to it, and it’s pretty out there stuff.  If you want, we’ve uploaded some pre-prod tracks (done acoustically with sonic wizard John Siket) to our SoundCloud.  We’ll just embed em right down here…and…there we are!


Because of the project’s size and us being an independent band and all, we could use your help funding it. 


We’ve already raised over $3000 (which is amazing) but we need to clear about $10K to press it to vinyl, prep for summer tour (*spoilers*) and deliver it to you in the method which would be best for this piece of art we made/are making…so if you could, please donate today.

Once we get some mixdowns we’re ok with sharing, we’ll upload those too.

Love ya \m/




Fall 2015 Southern USA Run (RVA, NOLA & more)

Cosmic Kitty



























10.14.2015  Strange Matter [Richmond, VA]

10.17.2015  Ignition Festival: Chewburnitall [New Orleans, LA]

10.18.2015  Egans [Tuscaloosa, AL]*

10.31.2015  Knitting Factory [Brooklyn, NY]**

* = free show

** = performing the music of My Morning Jacket w/ special guests

[Click the cat poster for halloween tickets]

original artwork and design by Danielle Bernstein

Ignition Festival: Chewburnitall in New Orleans

Very excited to announce we’ll be performing at the first ever Ignition Festival this year in New Orleans, LA.















The festival is curated by Mardi Gras’ infamous Krewe Of Chewbacchus and will be centered around sci-fi, themed as “Chewburnitall” (meaning there’s a giant wicker Chewbacca they plan to light on fire).  For a band who tours with the original trilogy on VHS as a good luck totem and have multiple Doctor Who and Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy tattoos, it goes without saying that we’re excited to be a part of this unique event.

Ignition Festival runs from October 14th – October 17th and tickets are available here (tier one tickets are already sold out).



[Almost Free] Southern Tour Dates + Brooklyn Bowl

MAY 01 — Checkpoint Charlie’s [New Orleans, LA]* — Free [early show 4pm]
MAY 05 — Marlin’s [Hattiesburg, MS]* — $1 Admission
MAY 06 — Egan’s [Tuscaloosa, AL]* — Free
MAY 07 — The Roof of The Georgia Theatre [Athens, GA]* — Free
MAY 09 — Electric Maid [Washington, DC]** — Admission at Door Only
MAY 20 — Brooklyn Bowl [Brooklyn, NY]*** — Tickets On Sale

* indicates two-set shows
** = w/ The Nuclears
*** = w/ Dances


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